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Lurectron® Permanent Spray

Lurectron® Permanent Spray

For the control of flies in housings of cattle and poultry. Insects can agitate cattle and can vector contagious diseases.

Formulation: concentrated liquid; to be diluted with water
active substance(s): permethrin and pyrethrum extract
content: 214 g/l and 23,5 g/l
Dutch authorisation number: 7276 N

articlevolumeamountUAC code
701691200 ml128711 575 269922


Lurectron® Permanent spray can be used as a spray in the housings of cattle and poultry. The cattle can remain in the stable while Lurectron® Permanent spray is used. Prevent spraying directly on cattle. It is essential to cover food and milking equipment when Lurectron® Permanent spray is applied.


Lurectron® Permanent spray contains 214 g/L permethrin and 23,5 g/L pyrethrum extract.
Permethrin is a residual product effective up to 6 weeks.
Pyrethrum extract ensures fast killing of the present flies.
Lurectron® Permanent spray combines a large effectiveness with very low toxicity for mammals. Dust and dirt can reduce the effect of Lurectron® Permanent spray. Treated areas needs to be kept clean. Vinyl paints and some plastic materials absorb permethrin, which can lead to a reduced effect. Try to avoid treatment on those surfaces. If necessary treat the housings again.


Dilute 20-40 ml in 5L water for treatment of 50 m2 surface (calculated to floor surface). When Lurectron® Permanent spray  is applied, the stable will be free of fly nuisance for 4-6 weeks. If needed, the treatment can be repeated after 6 weeks. To get optimal results spray, Lurectron® Permanent spray on places where flies gather, like walls, windows, window frames and ceilings. These surfaces need to be moistened until run-off.

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