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Lurectron® Flybait

Lurectron® Flybait

For control of flies in cattle and poultry housings. Contains fly pheromone.

Formulation: granules: yet to be dissolved in water
active substance(s): Imidacloprid and muscalure
content: 0.5% and 0.1%
Dutch authorisation number: 13160 N

articlevolumeamountUAC code
702938400 g68711 575 270782
7029392 kg48711 575 270799


Lurectron® Flybait is suited for spot treatment of cattle and poultry houses.
The cattle and poultry will not have any contact with Lurectron® Flybait.
The granulate needs to be dissolved in water and the paste can be applied with a (paint)brush or roller.


Lurectron® Flybait contains 0.5% Imidacloprid. Imidacloprid has a wide and fast working range. For an effective result, you just need a little active material.
Lurectron® Flybait contains also muscalure, a (sexual) pheromone for flies. The luring action of muscalure increases the effectiveness of Lurectron® Flybait on both male and female flies.


Mix 200 gram of Lurectron® Flybait with 160 ml water. The paste is sufficient for a surface of approx. 100 m2. Stir the paste properly and leave it for several hours. It is important to completely dissolve the granulate. Apply with a (paint)brush or roller on those places where flies like to gather,  for example window-frames, walls, etc, but not in the direct area of children or animals.To increase the application surface, it’s possible to use pieces of cardboard or cloth, to carry the paste. Spread the paste on several places scattered over the area.
The prepared paste must be used immediately (do not store the paste). Dust and dirt may reduce effectivity. To keep the effectivity in dusted or dirty areas, it is recommended to wet the surface where the Lurectron® Flybait is applied (with a sprayer). Repeat treatment if necessary.

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