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Thatched Roofs Cleaner BIO+

Thatched Roofs Cleaner BIO+

Cleaning agent for thatched roofs.

Formulation: concentrated liquid; to be diluted with water
active substance(s): biodegradable tensids
content: concentrated
Dutch authorisation number: vrijgesteld van registratie

articlevolumeamountUAC code
70142810 litre18711575 250555


Thatched Roofs Cleaner BIO+ is developed for cleaning thatched roofs. It is recommended to treat thatched roofs with Reed Cleaner in spring and in autumn.


Thatched Roofs Cleaner BIO+ is a biodegradable, water-soluble concentrate, composed of surface-active tensids (soaps) and co-formulants.. 
Results are already visible within 24 hours after application. The product has a long-lasting effect: within a few days the roof is free of moss.


Thatched Roofs Cleaner BIO+ is to be used as a 14% solution, i.e. 1 litre of Thatched Roofs Cleaner BIO+ to 9 litres of water. Mix thoroughly before use.
Apply the solution using a low-pressure (approximately 2 bar) spraying pistol with large droplet size (2 mm nozzle).
Apply 250 ml of the diluted product per m2 of thatched roof. If necessary, apply two layers to prevent run-off.
If necessary rake the moss off the roof several days after the treatment. Please mind the reed.


Thatched Roofs Cleaner BIO+ can damage grass and other plants. Make sure that the dilution does not run-off.

Use biocides and plant protection products safely.
Always read the label and product information before use.

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