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Permanent Spray

Permanent Spray

To control flies in housings of livestock and poultry.

Formulation: aerosol
active substance(s): permethrin and pyrethrum extract
content: 0.59 % and 0.06 %
Dutch authorisation number: 7500 N

articlevolumeamountUAC code
701661500 ml18711 575 280002


Apply Permanent Spray on surfaces in livestock housings to control flies, provided that feed, milking equipment and feed and water containers are removed or covered in advance.


Permanent Spray contains permethrin, a synthetic pyrethroid. Permethrin has a broad mode of action and a fast, long-lasting effect. This product also contains pyrethrum extract, which is an insecticide of natural origin. It is a so-called nerve poison. The fly’s nervous system is overstimulated and then quickly paralysed. The paralysis leads to the death of the fly. Pyrethrum extract is quickly degraded when exposed to (sun) light.
Permanent-spray combines a high level of effectiveness with a very low level of toxicity for humans and mammals.


Apply Permanent Spray on surfaces in livestock housings to control flies, specifically on those places where flies like to gather (for example window-frames, walls, et cetera). Spray for about 15 seconds per square meter. The content of the can is sufficient for 20 m2 of surface. The product is effective for at least 4 to 6 weeks. If necessary, repeat the treatment. Permanent Spray is not intended for a space treatment.

Use biocides and plant protection products safely.
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