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Sprigone® Powder against Ants

Sprigone® Powder against Ants

Ready to use sprinkle powder against ants. Product of natural origin.

Formulation: ready to use sprinkle powder
active substance(s): diatomaceous earth
content: 67.5%
Dutch authorisation number: 14494 N

articlevolumeamountUAC code
704456100 g128711 575 270300


Sprigone® Powder Against Ants quickly and effectively controls ants in and around the house. Sprigone® Powder Against Ants disrupts the natural behaviour of the ants.


Sprigone® Powder Against Ants is made of 100% natural ingredients, including natural minerals.


Sprigone® Powder Against Ants is a sprinkle powder, for in and around the house.
To prevent ants from entering buildings sprinkle 7 grams of powder preferably near the nest opening(s) and on the walking trails of ants.
If necessary repeat the treatment after a day.
When using outdoors, apply during dry weather conditions when rain is not expected.

Use biocides and plant protection products safely.
Always read the label and product information before use.

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