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Against woodworm and other wood boring insects.

Formulation: ready-to-use liquid
active substance(s): permethrin
content: 2 g/l
Dutch authorisation number: 12799 N

articlevolumeamountUAC code
701678500 ml68711 575 290452
7016775 litre18711 575 290049
7016791 litre68711 575 290469
70167625 litre18711 575 290063
701690200 litre18711 575 290063


Without intervention wood boring insects can cause much damage. Small holes in wooden beams, planks, furniture and other wooden objects indicate the presence of woodworm, longhorn beetles or other wood boring insects. Small piles of sawdust (frass) mean that these insects are present in the wood.
Perfacs not only exterminates woodworms, longhorn beetles or other wood boring insects and it also prevents the return of those pest species for a long time (up to 10 years) .


Perfacs contains Permethrin. This is a synthetic pyrethroid. Permethrin is characterized by a broad mode of action and a fast, long-lasting effect.
To be effective only little amount of active ingredient required. Perfacs combines high efficacy with a very low toxicity to mammals.


Before treatment first remove dust, dirt and frass from the infested (dry!) wood. In case of infestation by the old-house borer (Hylotrupes bajulus) first open the bore duct, and remove frass as much as possible. Preferably burn it. When the infested wood is stained, painted or waxed, first remove all coverage before application of Perfacs.

Perfacs is suitable for treating large objects or surfaces.
Apply about 250 ml Perfacs per m² until run-off with a (paint)brush or using a low pressure sprayer with coarse drop. Ventilate the treated area thoroughly during the application and afterwards. Do not re-entry the treated area for 48 hours.


It is recommended that you periodically, i.e. about one year after application, verify whether the treatment has been effective. If you find that the wood re-infested, repeat the treatment (locally or as a whole).

Use biocides and plant protection products safely.
Always read the label and product information before use.

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