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Ready to use bait against rats and mice.

Formulation: Ready to use bait
active substance(s): difenacoum
content: 0.005%
Dutch authorisation number: 10085 N

articlevolumeamountUAC code
701672800 g128711 575 271147
7016745 kg48711 575 114109


Rattox®-G is developed for the control of rats and mice in storages, farms and livestock housings. Use of bait stations is recommended. Place the bait out of reach of children, pets, domestic animals and wildlife.

Rattox®-G is authorised for application in confined spaces (i.e. indoors).




 Rattox®-G is a ready to use bait based on grains with 0.005% Difenacoum as the active substance.

Difenacoum is an anticoagulant. The mode of action is based on a multi dose poisoning for several (i.e. 3 to 18) consecutive days. Thus for effective control, rats and mice should eat more than once of the bait. Make sure that sufficient and fresh Rattox®-G is provided in the bait stations. Bait shyness is avoided due to the principle of multi dosing of Rattox®-G. Even if the pest animals have become ill, they remain eating the bait. Also dead animals do not deter other rats and mice.

Due to the potent mode of action, Rattox®-G is the best alternative where insufficient results are achieved by other means.

The bait is always freshly prepared with high quality grains. The bait uptake is therefore quick and thorough.
Rattox®-G is attractive to both rats and mice.


  • For rat control, the recommended dose is 100 g up to 200 g of product per bait station at intervals of 5 to 15 meters apart (dependent on infestation rate).
  • For mouse control, the recommended dose is 25 g up to 30 g of product per bait station at intervals of 1 to 3 meters apart (dependent on infestation rate).


  • Make sure that other food sources are available as little as possible to rats and mice.
  • Also treat adjacent spaces where pests might reside.
  • Create bait stations at locations where rats and mice like to reside. For example in the vicinity of burrows, on trails (tracks) and where the animals gnaw or feed.
  • Provide the bait for several days in sufficient amounts. Check the bait stations after 3 days and then every week or fortnight. Replenish the bait until it is no longer eaten.
  • Remainders or bait that is no longer attractive due to soiling must be replaced. Double the amount of available product when all bait is taken.
  • Mice or rats might develop resistance against the active substance difenacoum. Therefore do not use in case resistance is likely, for example when previous control actions with difenacoum containing products did not result in a clear reduction of the population.
  • Only allowed to use when part of an integrated pest management (IPM) system. Do not use Rattox®-G to prevent possible infestation.


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